Why 20% Can Be Better Than 100%

Remember…progress not perfection!

Claire McGregor


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I’ve been thinking about today’s post for a long time. I even touched on it in posts on giving yourself a break and how to look after yourself when you’re feeling down. The fact is we’re all guilty of being far too hard on ourselves. We hold ourselves to a standard we’d never dream of holding others to.

For example, if someone we knew achieved 80% of their goal, we’d congratulate them and tell them how incredibly well they’ve done. However, if we make it to 90% of our own goal, we see a disgusting failure who didn’t do the thing properly. So why are we so hard on ourselves? It leads us back to our title; we need to change our mindset to aim for progress, not perfection.

Enter The Internet

In many ways, the internet is a wonderful thing. It lets us connect with old school friends, keep in touch with family around the world, lets us shop around and also share our lives with the world. That last part can be a double-edged sword, though.

There are very few of us on the internet who posts anything like our real lives on social media. We post our highlights reel with carefully curated posts showing the best of our lives. It looks great but often portrays our lives in a completely unrealistic manner.

We may spend all day preparing a beautiful dinner as a one-off for a special birthday. Of course we post gorgeous pictures that everyone exclaims over, but it’s one night in the whole year.

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Reality Distortion

We don’t post the nights when we come in too exhausted to stand and shove fish fingers and chips in the oven for tea. It’s not glamorous, so it never sees the light of day.

Even though we know we do this ourselves, though, we’re still convinced that the lives of others are exactly the way they show them. That they’ve got beautifully decorated houses that are always tidy.

We believe they cook delicious, nutritious food from scratch every night. They work out like a demon burning 1000 calories per session…



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