Tennessee Bans Drag Shows —

Another Human Rights Attack

Claire McGregor
4 min readMar 5


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America’s quest to return human rights to the 1800s took another step forward lately when the state of Tennessee banned drag performances. Less than a year after the Supreme Court decimated women’s rights by overturning Roe vs Wade, Tennessee decided to up the ante.

What Does The Bill Say?

Let’s be clear, while the bill does not use the word drag its meaning is very clear. Instead, it amends the definition of adult cabaret, which previously only included performers like exotic dancers, strippers and go-go dancers. Male or female impersonators now come under this umbrella which (pardon my french) is fucking stupid! The exact wording is “adult-oriented performances that are harmful to minors”.

Drag Is Not Harmful!

I’m not saying some drag shows aren’t risqué, of course they are! But the thing is, drag performers are adults! They are responsible and they pitch their show to their audience. If their show is too adult they wouldn’t perform at venues where children are allowed. They don’t want to damage their reputation and harm their career by putting on inappropriate shows. There are loads of drag performers which are safe for children.

A great example is Alyssa Edwards, given name Justin Johnson. Just was trained as a dancer and now has an extremely successful dance studio in Mesquite, Texas. When Justin is in drag he becomes Alyssa Edwards, a super glamorous lip-syncer and dancer who holds her audience in the palm of her hand. I still remember my sister talking about how blown away she was after seeing her show.

More than that, though, drag is vitally important to young boys and even girls who don’t fully know who they are. So many of the contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race talk about drag saving their lives. They shed tears as they explain how they were bullied, ostracised and made to feel like freaks their whole lives. Some were rejected by their families. They speak of how their drag personas became their lifeline. They learned to transfer the attitude and power of their drag persona…



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