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A Simple 3 Card Spread

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Hi all, welcome back! Today I’ve taken a spread from Tarot For Self Care that allows me to do a tarot body check in. Last time we discussed how difficult my life has been lately. Sadly, things have yet to improve and honestly I feel like crap. I’m not sleeping well, not exercising, and I’m living on junk food. I feel an anxious knot in my stomach most of the time and I’m also working a full time and part time job. If I were a car, my check engine light would be flashing.

This Or That?

The spread I am going to use is a very common three card spread — Option A, Option B, Advice. I have come to the conclusion that no matter how down and exhausted I am, I need to start looking after myself properly. I am incredibly stressed and as much as meditation, mindfulness, hot tea, and warm bath are relaxing, the number 1 piece of advice to release stress is exercise.

Needless to say, this is an extremely unappealing prospect. I am exhausted and could not be less motivated! My question is whether I will actually feel better for hitting the gym or going for a walk or if my body needs rest. Would I feel better if I have a relaxing bath and an early night?

So, I plan to draw three cards as directed by Minerva Siegel in the book. The first card will be what the energy is around option A, exercise of some sort. The second card is the energy around option B, a bath and an early night. The third and final card will give me advice to make a decision.

Why This Spread For My Tarot Body Check In?

The great thing about this spread is that it can be used in almost any situation where there is a choice to be made between two possibilities. For the body it could be any of these:

Have a salad and grilled chicken for lunch / Go to McDonald’s / Advice

Have a fun cardio workout / Chill out in a yoga workout / Advice

Hug a loved one to help with stress / Meditate / Advice

Go swimming / Have a massage / Advice

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