Super Simple Ways To Eat More Fruit And Vegetables In 2023

Ditch Diets And Eat The Rainbow

Claire McGregor


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As it’s January, I want to give some information on ways to improve your health without resorting to dieting. My tip for the day is to eat more fruit and vegetables. I love vegetables, so this is really easy for me, but what if you’re like my husband, a confirmed vegetable sceptic? Simple, find ways to hide them! Here are some simple ways to eat more fruit and vegetables.

What Counts As 1 Of Your 5 A Day?

  • 80g of Fresh, Frozen or Tinned Fruit or Vegetables
  • 30g of Dried Fruit
  • 150ml of fruit juice or smoothie
  • 80g of beans or pulses


It is my deeply held belief that you are either a fruit person or a vegetable person. That’s not to say if you’re a vegetable person, you don’t like fruit, just that you have a marked preference. My sister and I are veg people, and my husband Mike is a fruit person.

Of course, eating fruit is a good thing. They contain a huge array of vitamins and minerals and far less sugar than a large bar of chocolate, for example. However, they do still have a lot of sugar, and whether it’s fructose or sucrose, it’s something you should try to monitor. That’s why it’s great to have fruit to eat more fruit and vegetables, but you should aim for more vegetables than fruit.

Things That Don’t Count


Potatoes are vegetables, of course, but they’re full of starch, so they count as the carbohydrate part of your meal. Ditto, yams and plantains.


You can make a case for homemade coleslaw using a lower-fat dressing such as Greek yoghurt. But store-bought and covered in mayonnaise will probably do your health more harm than good, especially if you plan to eat enough to have 80g of vegetables. I know it’s sad; I love coleslaw!




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