Life In My Forties — 5 Fun Things I’d Never Done Before

It’s Never Too Late!

Claire McGregor


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Lately, I’ve been pondering what life in my forties means and how I’ve changed since I hit that milestone. It’s a common catchphrase that 60 is the new 40. It’s true that people are living longer, and so what would have been considered “old” a couple of decades ago is different now. When I was ten, people in their forties seemed ancient, but in all fairness, they dressed older. Do I remember it wrong, or do people dress younger for longer now? Whatever the truth, now I’m there, I do not feel old at all, and I feel like I have a lot of my life left to live and a lot to do.

I believe I’ve changed for the better in many ways and have had the courage to do things I wouldn’t have before. The following five changes may seem minor to you, but they’re huge for me.

I Got A Tattoo

I wasn’t scared to get a tattoo before; I just wasn’t interested. Also, when I was younger, I couldn’t imagine any design I wouldn’t get sick of seeing eventually. I haven’t consciously changed my way of thinking, but somehow, it seems less of an issue now.

I also spent a bit of time doing some soul searching. I felt very ordinary, dull even. That there was nothing that made me different from anyone else. I mean physically different. I had mid-brown hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. I looked very generic. I don’t mean to suggest this is a bad thing, but I realised it was not what I wanted.

So my sister and I decided that as our 40th birthdays were only a year apart, I would get my first tattoo, and she would get her third. They weren’t matching (that is so not who we are!), but they had some common elements and colours. I love my tattoo and smile whenever I look at it.

It’s Pretty, Isn’t It? Photo Provided by Author

I Coloured My Hair

No, I don’t mean “traditional” hair colour. I didn’t wait for life in my forties to do that. I mean bright, unusual, and eye-catching colours. So I dyed my hair pink and purple. It took forever and cost almost as much as the tattoo, but it was worth it. Having my hair in these colours…



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