It’s Wrong To Comment On Other People’s Weight

Please Don’t Be A Jerk!

Claire McGregor
4 min readDec 6, 2021


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Today’s post comes from a place of a little anger and a lot of sadness. In this day and age why is commenting on someone else’s weight still seen as ok? It’s not but it seems the world at large hasn’t got the memo.

My idea for this post was sparked by two separate posts from influencers I follow. In the first, the poster had the wonderful news she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she was left in tears throughout her appointment with a midwife. What should have been a happy, joyful event was ruined by this entirely unprofessional person.

They made comments like “you need to tape up the chocolate box and do more Joe Wicks”, “I know it’s hard.. we’d all like to be a size 12', and “have you thrown out the Christmas snacks yet?” This makes my blood boil. They had absolutely no right to make those comments.

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Another poster was merely walking along the street only to have a complete stranger walk up to her and inform her she was too fat to wear leggings. WTF is wrong with people? It’s completely socially unacceptable now to criticise someone for looking gay, wearing ethnic clothes or being transgender. Somehow it’s still ok to bash fat people though. It’s like we’re asking for it. Not considered to be human beings with feelings. This. Is. Not. Right! It has to stop NOW.

Being Medically Trained Does Not Make You God

Before I start I want to say that I know there are lots of wonderful and compassionate people working in medicine. My Mum was a nurse for over 30 years and the NHS have been rock stars during the covid pandemic. They’ve coped when so many others would have collapsed.

Some of them, however, like this midwife and other doctors I’ve read about, feel like their training justifies them to present their own biases and opinions as fact. They’re not. In the case of doctors, the nutritional part of their training amounts to a few days at most. Even if they did have facts on their side what happened to, “First do no harm”? No patient should leave an appointment in tears.



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