I Love You Even If You Hate Me…

Choose Love Not Hate

Claire McGregor


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Another unusual post is coming your way, but I feel that considering the level of hatred in the world, love is an important message. The message to choose love not hate is crucial. On any given day, the newspapers and social media are flooded with stories of hate, and it breaks my heart.

It’s Not Love; Hatred Is All Around

We have:

It’s hideous, and it makes me so sad. We have never had access to so much information at any point in history. It has never been so easy to connect with people around the world and learn about their views, customs and way of life.

But instead of approaching others with open minds and hearts, it seems many use these differences as an excuse to spew the vilest hatred and become more insular, xenophobic and me, me, me. Instead of looking at the many ways we are the same and building bridges, they choose to focus on the differences, real and imagined, and use them as an excuse to build walls.

Here’s one of the best images I’ve ever seen describing how this hatred starts.

Photo Courtesy Of Extra Fabulous Comics

The Others

People who are prejudiced and bigoted imbue people with an “other” quality; they become “them” or “those people.” I am sad and a little ashamed to admit this goes on in my own family, although my sister and I fight passionately against it. Sometimes we have to stop as the arguments get pretty heated. I suspect we’ll never actually win, some members of my family have very deep-seated bitterness. It makes choose love not…



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