Hate Exercise? 10 Fun Ways To Move Your Body…

and avoid the gym

Claire McGregor


Photo by Gabin Vallet on Unsplash

We can all agree that exercise is good for you. In fact, it’s great for you. It doesn’t mean it’s fun, though. Many people believe they hate exercise. ALL exercise. Unfortunately, many fitness influencers have been peddling the no pain, no gain philosophy. A lot of their workouts are very intense or involve a lot of time in the gym. It’s no wonder exercise gets a bad rap.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many ways to move and get your heart rate up without ever setting foot in a gym. Here’s my top 10 to get you started 🙂

1) Play Dance Games

There are lots of dance games on every console available. There are different music types, energy and difficulty levels, so there’s something for everyone. You could even get your friends or family involved and make it a regular party.

2) Organise A Scavenger Hunt

This is another one to do with friends. Make up a scavenger hunt and head out to explore the city you live in. You could all contribute a little bit of money and buy a prize for the winner. If you’re trying to beat the other teams, you’ll find yourself moving faster and getting your heart rate up.

3) Skipping

Not one to try if you have bad knees! If not, try and remember how much fun it was skipping when you were a kid. Set yourself challenges like how many times you can skip without tripping over the rope or try different rope tricks.

4) Walking

You don’t need to walk for long; a brisk 15-minute walk each day can work wonders. You can set a new route each day to stop it from getting boring and have your favourite music or podcast blasting. You could also set yourself a challenge. Use google maps to find the distance between two locations and set a timeframe to get there.

For example, you could walk from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building (6.7 miles) in a week. If you want to up the difficulty, try walking on sand if you live…



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