FAT! 10 Things I Hate About My Size. Part 1

Or more accurately, I hate people’s response to it!

Claire McGregor
4 min readJan 3, 2022


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Please don’t worry about the title of today’s post. I haven’t relapsed and allowed society’s unrealistic beauty standards to sink their claws into me again. I’m not going to be writing about hating myself because I don’t — I’m awesome! Instead, I wanted to explain all the things I hate about how my body is treated because of its size. The assumptions, misconceptions and outright bias against fat people. At best the items in this list are unacceptable and at worst they’re outright dangerous. Buckle in for part 1!

1. People Assume I’m Lazy

Why is it that fatness is automatically seen as a person being lazy? That I cannot possibly exercise if I’m so big? WRONG! I do exercise. I try to exercise every day even if it’s just a walk and go to the gym 3–4 times per week. For decades society has been fed the utter BS that weight loss is as simple as eat less and move more.

That means if a person is fat they’re too lazy to exercise. This is absolutely untrue. What we weigh has been proven to be far more complex than that and lots of variables, both physical and psychological, play a part.

2. People assume I’m unhealthy — even doctors!

Let me say it one more time for the people in the back…YOU CAN NOT TELL HOW HEALTHY SOMEONE IS JUST BY LOOKING AT THEM!!

This doesn’t stop society as a whole looking at fat people and assuming they have high blood pressure, diabetes, are at risk of heart attacks, strokes etc. I am currently hovering around 270 pounds/127kg/19 stone 9 in weight. I do not have diabetes. My blood pressure is perfect. My cholesterol is bang in the middle of the healthy range. In other words, I am fit and well. My husband on the other hand, who is slimmer than me , has kidney problems, an enlarged spleen and a fatty liver.

I am now prepared to stand up for myself. I refuse to be weighed unless there’s a medical reason. No longer will I be told by medical professionals that anything and everything wrong with me can be fixed by losing weight and you shouldn’t either. This is medically approved bias against fat people. There is no clear evidence…



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