Don’t Know What Fatphobia Means? Here’s The Truth

Fatphobia is a term that’s often willfully misunderstood. Let’s clear it up

Claire McGregor
5 min readOct 26, 2021
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When browsing Quora, Twitter, and other social media, I see many people who don’t understand what fatphobia means and dispute that it even exists. So today, we’re going to clear things up and discuss what fatphobia means.

Fatphobia? I’m Not Afraid Of Fat People!

No, of course, you aren’t. However, in general, homophobia does not mean fear of gay folks any more than xenophobia is a fear of other races. Fatphobia does not mean you are afraid of fat people, per se. There’s probably an element of fear. Our looks-obsessed society has taught us to be more afraid of getting or being fat than almost anything else.

The main element of fatphobia, though, is hatred and feelings of disgust and revulsion towards fat people. As I explained in past articles, while we sadly live in a world where racism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny and religious intolerance still exist, at least they are seen as unacceptable. In the western world, there are laws preventing discrimination based on these factors.

That is not the case for fat people. Rampant fatphobia exists, and not only is it acceptable, many people think it should be…



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