Defining 7 Terms From The Fat-O-Sphere…

And Fighting Hate

Claire McGregor
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No one who has read my blog can miss the fact that I am fat. I hope it is also clear to my readers that after a shit-ton (yes, that’s the technical term) o work I have repaired my relationship with my body, and to an extent, my mental health. However much work I do, though, it continues to frustrate me no end how people misunderstand even the most basic terms regarding the lives of fat people. So, today here is my go at defining terms from the fat-o-sphere.

Please note, I am not saying my definitions are the only or the correct definitions. I am just explaining fat-centric terms as I see them.


This is a bullshit term, created specifically to medicalise fatness. Why would someone do that? Simple, if it’s an illness then they can state that it’s a problem and market products to “fix” it. Kerching! This is a massive industry which includes doctors, bariatric surgeons, drug companies, dieticians, diet companies, mineral/wellness companies, gyms, personal trainers and plastic surgeons.

Fatness is a billion-dollar industry. They say they want to help fat people, but if they succeeded in making us all thin their profits disappear. Can we really trust their motives? I’ll say it again, this is one of the terms from the fat-o-sphere that is complete crap.


This is an interesting place to start as fat means different things to different people. Merriam-Webster describes it as:

“notable for having an unusual amount of fat:


a cute, fat little baby


: having excessive body fat”

It sounds straightforward until you think hard about it. “notable for having an unusual amount of fat” — unusual compared to what? Who defines this? The next definition has the same problem, excessive body fat according to whom? It’s possible we could use the medical definitions of excessive body fat but that’s not what people do, is it?

For a model, a mere five-pound weight gain could be considered fat. In these days of size zero, someone who is a size 10 might think of themselves as fat. It’s subjective and a…



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