Caring For My Spirit With Tarot Exercise 2

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Hi Everyone! It’s Sunday, so it’s time to do my next exercise from Minerva Siegel’s Tarot For Self Care which I have chosen to name Caring For My Spirit. If you haven’t seen exercise 1 yet you can check it out right here. As I explained last time, Siegel separates the exercises into three categories, body, mind and spirit and or exercise today is for the spirit. Let’s jump in!

Enter The Elements

I have suggested in a previous post that in this modern world many of us have become very disconnected from nature and that there are many ways this is not good for us. I am excited to try this spread because of the way it suggests caring for my spirit — be receiving messages from the five elements.

If you’re confused, thinking there are only five elements, in tarot and paganism the five elements are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. If you didn’t know about spirit I’m glad to share it with you so you understand why caring for my spirit, and you caring for yours, is so important. It helps bring all five elements into balance and creates harmony in the world around us and in our own lives.

Caring For My Spirit — The Exercise

The way I am going to get my message from the elements is using tarot cards (obviously!) and also crystals. Each crystal has its own colour and own resonance which helps us connect to the element it represents. First I needed to collect one crystal associated with each element. To be clear there is not just one crystal per element, there are dozens! Luckily I had one of the crystal associated with each element.

If you don’t have any crystals please don’t feel you have to dash out to your nearest metaphysical store! Use anything that helps you associate with that element. I like crystals as they are part of the natural world but you could use a piece of wood for each, a shell you got at the beach for water, and so on.

I’ll be using hematite for earth, moonstone for water, red tiger’s eye for fire, clear quartz for air and amethyst for spirit. For my tarot deck I’ll be using the Unfolding Path by Athene Noctua. Again I do not make money if you click the link, it’s just there in case you…



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