Faulty reasoning, subpar medical care, and bullying are all serious and potentially life-threatening results of fatphobic thinking

The heading of this article may seem a little over the top, but I hope by the end you’ll see why it isn’t. Fatphobia can destroy lives, this is a fact. Beyond that destruction, it can even cost people their lives entirely; and I’m going to explain why.

This topic…

Let’s Talk About The Importance Of Fibre In Your Diet

Welcome back to part 2 of my nutrition series. Last time we talked about the macros of our diet — protein, carbs and fat. Today we’re going to move on to the importance of fibre. Before we start, I want to repeat my trigger warning from last time.

There will…

Claire McGregor

I’m a fledgling writer taking my first tentative flights in the world of writing and my own blog. I want to connect and learn. My Blog https://www.cmoomuses.com

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