8 Hot Weather Survival Tips From A Fat Girl

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Claire McGregor
6 min readAug 11, 2022


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If you’re in the UK right now, you might be finding it uncomfortably toasty. Everyone can find it hard to cope with the heat, but fat folks have challenges others may not. So here are my hot weather survival tips if you’re fat. This is something of a follow on from my summer self care tips but these tips are geared more towards coping with the heat.

PS I’m not gatekeeping! If you’re not fat and feel these tips are useful, please feel free to use them.

Tip One: Dress For The Weather

One of the awful effects of the rampant fatphobia in our society is that fat people believe their bodies are ugly and must be covered at all times in public. I hate this philosophy in general; it makes me sad and angry enough to scream. In hot weather, though, it’s beyond fatphobic and could actually be dangerous.

So, the first of my hot weather survival tips is this: please, PLEASE, dress in cool clothes when the mercury rises. Everyone is allowed to wear short sundresses, shorts, vests, and even bikinis! Do not sit sweltering, fully covered, and risk dehydration or heatstroke to make other people more comfortable. If someone doesn’t like how you look, it’s their problem! They can feel free to look away.

Tip Two: Sunscreen

Skin cancer is no joke, and sunscreen is vital when you spend time in the sun. Not only will it protect you, but as UV rays are the top cause of premature ageing, it’ll keep you looking young too 🙂 Also, no messing about with factor 20, please! Factor 30 minimum and ideally factor 50, especially if you have pale skin as I do. My rotten sister Jayne got all the melanin — sob!

Also, remember to reapply it during the day if you’re sweating a lot or go swimming.

Jayne and I — Quite A Difference Eh? Photo Courtesy of Author

Tip Three — Protect Your Thighs

One challenge thin people don’t have to cope with is chub rub. It can happen all year round but is a particular problem in summer…



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