4 Elements Self Care With Tarot

What Can Air And Fire Teach Us?

Claire McGregor


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Hi friends 😃, welcome back to my self care with tarot series. Last time I did a spiritual self-care exercise involving the elements from Minerva Siegel’s Tarot For Self Care. I planned to do the next exercise for this post but it just so happens that the lovely Jenn from @notsomystical tarot on Instagram has been posting tarot exercises involving elements this week on her channel. I do almost all of Jenn’s spreads so I decided to keep the elemental theme going here. One of the bad things about mankind’s development is that it has taken many of us away from nature. I’m trying to reset my own bond by celebrating the Wheel of the Year.

What’s The Wheel of The Year?

It’s part of paganism, mostly Wicca. I a not a Wiccan but as an eclectic practitioner I take the bits that I like from lots of traditions. The wheel of the year splits the year into eight pieces, and the start of each season is marked by a sabbath. Each sabbath celebrates the time of year and has activities, foods, crystals etc associated with it. It helps me take notice of the changes in nature.


I feel the elements are a key part of connecting with nature too. As a Gemini I am naturally connected to the Air element and I tend to be very in my own head. Air is the element of thought and my brain frequently moves as fast as the wind. It can be hard for me to STOP thinking, which is a pain when I need to get to sleep, I’m sure you can all relate!

Sometimes when life is moving too quickly we need to reconnect with the earth. Sitting in the grass and feeling the ground beneath us can remind us to slow down. In tarot this element concerns runs the material plane, money, work, health, etc.

The water element deals with emotions. Anyone who has ever seen a stormy sea can see how it’s a metaphor for the emotions that can rage inside us.

Lastly the element of fire links us to our passions and dreams, everything we want to achieve.

Where am I going with this? Simple, if there’s a part of our lives where we feel unfulfilled maybe following the example of nature can help. If we feel stuck, like we’re not doing what we’re meant to be…



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