10 Ways To Love Yourself As A Fat Person Part 1

Do Not Believe ANYONE Who Makes You Feel Like You’re Not Enough

Claire McGregor


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The new year is the time the diet and fitness industries come out swinging. Their propaganda is everywhere, and the message is always the same; you need to change. I hate this because I don’t believe anyone has the right to tell you that. I want you to learn to love yourself as a fat person.

Every person is unique, and they are wonderful. Some are thin and some fat, some tall and some short, blonde, redhead, brunette, grey, or funky multi-coloured like me. Athleticism varies, eye colour and skin tone. The infuriating thing is that everyone accepts all the other elements that make up a person’s appearance as just the way they are. They reserve their hatred, vitriol and intolerance only for fat people. I suspect some people secretly believe a howling bigot is a more worthwhile person than a fat one. It’s shocking and sad.

So as someone who has ditched diet culture and learned to love herself, here are my tips to love yourself. As Mama Rupaul Charles says, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Amen, Mama Ru!

1) Ask People Why They Love You

This might sound strange, but if you ask your friends and family for three things they love most about you, I’d be shocked if more than one was to do with your appearance. Their list will help you realise that you’re more than a body and an amazing person. I found it helped me learn to put far less emphasis on my weight when considering my self-worth.

2) Make Friends With Your Body

If you’re going to learn to love yourself as a fat person, you need to make peace with your body. You need to say sorry to it for all the diets, the starvation, the punishing workouts. Then you need to thank it for all it does for you because your body is an incredible machine. Sit quietly and just be. Talk to your body kindly, either in your head or out loud. Make peace with it.

3) See What Your Body Can…



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