10 Genuine Reasons Fat People May Be Exhausted…That Aren’t Fatness Or Laziness

Claire McGregor
6 min readMar 26
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One of the things I hate most about being fat is the assumptions made about me. Chief among them is that because I’m fat I must also be unhealthy, stupid and lazy. I’d like to hope that my blog is sufficiently well written to prove that I’m not stupid. I have dealt with the health topic numerous times on this blog. So, today I’m going to list reasons fat people may be exhausted that aren’t being lazy.

1) They May Have Done An Intense Workout

Yes, that’s right. A fat person might have worked out! Gasp!! Believe it or not, fat people do workout, even though many fear being judged or laughed at. Jessamyn Stanley is an advanced yoga practitioner that does things many thin yogi cannot. Her size does not restrict her at all. Jessie Diaz-Herrera is a fabulous dance instructor as well as doing CrossFit. Louise Green is a triathlete. One of the reasons a fat person may be exhausted is maybe they’ve done a big workout.

2) They Might Be A Carer

My mum has epilepsy, and after a grand mal seizure she is completely crazy. She repeats phrases constantly, can’t remember her own name and has an insatiable desire to move around. Sadly, her moving will likely result in a bad fall meaning we have to watch her like a hawk.

Add to that the difficulty of persuading her not to bury herself in blankets because she always has a raging fever, and getting her to take her medication, by the time she is fully aware of who she is I am exhausted! I genuinely don’t know how full time carers cope. I normally have my stepdad and sister to help, I can’t even imagine how people cope alone with relatives with sever mental or physical disabilities.

In addition to being exhausted, research shows that carers have poorer physical and mental health than other people. Carers frequently don’t have much time for themselves meaning they may eat convenience food or takeaways which may actually be responsible for any weight gain. They are also likely to be under a lot of stress. Stress produces the stress hormone cortisol and if you are constantly stressed you produce an excess of cortisol. Guess what an excess of cortisol does? Yep, it causes weight gain, particularly…

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